Staff Spotlight: Amy Rhilinger


In September 2013, Library employee Amy Rhilinger took on the role of Assistant Director at the Attleboro Public Library. Even though she has worked at the Library for 12 years (a lifetime for some patrons she sees each week), she says she is still learning something new every single day.

While serving as the Assistant Children’s Librarian and Coordinator of Young Adult Services, Amy created craft programs, writing workshops and book clubs for middle school students. As Assistant Director, Amy strives to bring her creative approach and focus on customer service to library visitors of all ages. This also means that there are more opportunities for her to get out of the building and to sing the praises of the library and its staff and resources to people who may not yet know about all our Library has to offer.

Amy is currently working on the Community Languages grant awarded to the Library in the fall. She is partnering with Spanish, Cambodian, Portuguese and Arabic speaking members of our community to bring even better services to non-native English speakers. Amy’s greatest wish is for people to realize that our city’s library truly is for EVERYONE.

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