Finding the Book Nook and Buying Books There

The familiar view of the main floor of the APL: the circulation desk on the left; books on reserve – turn left just beyond the circulation desk, and they’re shelved in the hallway under the stairs.

But when I stand near the circulation desk and look to the right, I see the new Book Nook Banner, where the new non-fiction used to go.

There are lots of seasonal books here, in good condition, the children’s books on the lowest shelves.

Ah, these are for sale – color coded too, only $1, $2 or $3 a book.

Just drop your cash into the safe in the slot where the arrow points.

And the book is yours.  It’s the Honor System.

I wonder if this one will be a stocking stuffer for a sibling.  No one ever gets too old for Dr. Seuss.

Was there just One Best Thing about the International Coffee & Tea Celebration?

I sent my family ahead as scouts Saturday morning – which was their favorite part of the International Tea and Coffee Celebration?  My husband and Older Son liked the flavor of the  Syrian coffee best, but my Younger Son loved watching Maria make Japanese tea in her Grandfather’s tea pot.

Mrs. Pilkington-Smyth and Mrs. Rhilinger were sipping their drinks by the atrium when I arrived, pleased with the turnout.


I wandered about looking at the displays and pretty cups.  I met Emily cheerfully serving black tea in a marble corner.  Mrs. Beckwith was standing nearby.  I asked her what her favorite thing about the morning was, and she indicated Emily.  “I worked with her mother on the board.”  It sure is beautiful to see traditions of volunteering passing down a family.

Remembering my son’s delight in the Japanese tea, I moved over to Maria’s table next.

The black pot is cast iron, and very heavy indeed.

I loved the leaf motif on the top of the brown pot handle.

You froth the tea with back and forth strokes, not circular ones.

Maria hadn’t had a chance to try the other drinks, so she didn’t have a favorite of the other beverages.

What a delight to see Ms. Hernandez again. Excellent Puerto Rican coffee, of course.1479288_660609290656780_832985311_n

I didn’t get to all the other tables.


But I did get to say hi to Lucrecia.  Her favorite thing was that everyone saw how many ways there are to enjoy coffee. It’s not just coffee we can try other ways from other places.

The event was closing, but I caught Therese before she put away her Syrian coffee, and my family was right about how delicious it would be.  Her favorite thing about the morning was practicing her English.

And my favorite thing?  Hearing happy people enjoy each other and their traditions in the library.


Be a Friend

Founded in 1983, the Friends of Attleboro Public Library is a community organization dedicated to supporting and fundraising for the Attleboro Public Library.

Friends are those residents who regard the library as a vital information and cultural center and a major educational institution. Through a program of volunteer, promotional and fundraising activities, the Friends support and promote the Attleboro Public Library and finance purchases not covered by government funds.

The Friends is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

You can support the Friends of Attleboro Public Library by becoming a friend yourself, or by making a donation of money or materials. The Friends meet on the first Wednesday of every month in the library’s trustee room.

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friendsandtalesFor more information about the Junior Friends, please contact Mrs. Rhilinger  or read their newsletter “Library Tales“.