About Christine

Christine's first job was as a page at the Attleboro Public Library. She already loved books, writing and computers; spelling and coding bugs not so much. In the process of starting a business writing knitting and crochet patterns, she learned how to set up blogs. What's one more distraction while homeschooling 3 kids?

Behind the Scenes at the Annual Book Sale

When my children and I arrived, the Community Room looked empty, except for the wooden signs we had assembled and the tables.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the Friends’ organizational lair, the room was really, really full.

But the boxes the books were sorted in were labeled, so we just had to load carts,

take the elevator downstairs (My 6 year-old appreciated getting to ride up to the 4th floor; it takes a special key.  She even got a tour of the technical services office.), and then put the book boxes on the sale tables.

We had to re-arrange the signs on the tables to reflect the number of books we had in each category.

By the time we left, the upstairs room looked almost empty.

And the downstairs room looked filled-to-overflowing.

My kids and I felt very happy to be contributing to the Friends. We slept well that night from all the exercise. But best of all, we got to pick out our purchases before the other shoppers arrived.

What do the Friends do with your donated books?

When donations come in, they are taken up to the fourth floor to the sorting room, where they are sorted into labeled boxes by genre.

The newest, seasonally-appropriate books are immediately put on display for sale in the Book Nook.

Duplicate books are sent to Better World Books, who in turn pay a flat rate to the Friends of Attleboro Public Library. The rest of the books are sold at the Friends’ Annual Book Sale.

What do the Friends do with the funds?

Support and fund the Attleboro Public Library.


How to donate books to the Friends of APL

Good for you! We should all sort through our bookshelves regularly, and donate the weeded books to the Friends of Attleboro Public Library.  Donations earn money to support and fund the Attleboro Public Library.

This one is easy: Bring those book donations to the Circulation Desk at the library. Volunteers will bring them upstairs to the “organizational lair” where they will be sorted for the Book Nook and the Annual Book Sale.


Donating to the Friends Through Amazon Smile

Amazon is willing to donate up to 0.5% of your purchases to a charity of your choice.  Here’s how to choose Friends of Attleboro Public Library:

When you are shopping, go to www.smile.amazon.com, instead of www.amazon.com. Sign in and shop as usual.  If your purchase is ineligible (for instance a subscription), you will be alerted, and you can switch back to regular amazon.com.

In the lower right corner, you can type Friends of Attleboro Public Library in the search box labeled “Or pick your own charitable organization:”

Once you hit enter, you will have a choice of Friends of Attleboro Public Library, choose that yellow box.

And that’s all there is to it!  Thank you for supporting The Friends of Attleboro Public Library.

Staff Spotlight: Amy Rhilinger


In September 2013, Library employee Amy Rhilinger took on the role of Assistant Director at the Attleboro Public Library. Even though she has worked at the Library for 12 years (a lifetime for some patrons she sees each week), she says she is still learning something new every single day.

While serving as the Assistant Children’s Librarian and Coordinator of Young Adult Services, Amy created craft programs, writing workshops and book clubs for middle school students. As Assistant Director, Amy strives to bring her creative approach and focus on customer service to library visitors of all ages. This also means that there are more opportunities for her to get out of the building and to sing the praises of the library and its staff and resources to people who may not yet know about all our Library has to offer.

Amy is currently working on the Community Languages grant awarded to the Library in the fall. She is partnering with Spanish, Cambodian, Portuguese and Arabic speaking members of our community to bring even better services to non-native English speakers. Amy’s greatest wish is for people to realize that our city’s library truly is for EVERYONE.

Cambodian New Year at Attleboro Public Library!


Join us on Thursday, April 24th from 5pm to 8pm for a multi-media celebration of Cambodia, right here in Attleboro! Events will include activities for children, art and cultural displays, classical Khmer music, a video presentation depicting the lives of Attleboro’s Cambodian culture and a sacred blessing performed by Wat Thormikaram Buddist monks. This event is brought to Attleboro through the generosity of our Cambodian community as well as with federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. This event is free and open to the public!!