Staff Spotlight: Amy Rhilinger


In September 2013, Library employee Amy Rhilinger took on the role of Assistant Director at the Attleboro Public Library. Even though she has worked at the Library for 12 years (a lifetime for some patrons she sees each week), she says she is still learning something new every single day.

While serving as the Assistant Children’s Librarian and Coordinator of Young Adult Services, Amy created craft programs, writing workshops and book clubs for middle school students. As Assistant Director, Amy strives to bring her creative approach and focus on customer service to library visitors of all ages. This also means that there are more opportunities for her to get out of the building and to sing the praises of the library and its staff and resources to people who may not yet know about all our Library has to offer.

Amy is currently working on the Community Languages grant awarded to the Library in the fall. She is partnering with Spanish, Cambodian, Portuguese and Arabic speaking members of our community to bring even better services to non-native English speakers. Amy’s greatest wish is for people to realize that our city’s library truly is for EVERYONE.

Cambodian New Year at Attleboro Public Library!


Join us on Thursday, April 24th from 5pm to 8pm for a multi-media celebration of Cambodia, right here in Attleboro! Events will include activities for children, art and cultural displays, classical Khmer music, a video presentation depicting the lives of Attleboro’s Cambodian culture and a sacred blessing performed by Wat Thormikaram Buddist monks. This event is brought to Attleboro through the generosity of our Cambodian community as well as with federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. This event is free and open to the public!!

Library Friends’ Book Sale May 10th!


For those of you who have been enjoying the sampling of book donations available in the library Book Nook, mark your calendar for the annual Library Friends Book Sale – Saturday, May 10th from 9am to 2pm.

We will be filling the Balfour Community Room and Guillette Activity Room with hundreds of new and gently used
items for children, young adults, and adults. In addition to finding a great new read for yourself or your loved ones, your purchases at the book sale go right back into the library you love through library events, museum passes, and many other library services supported and funded by the Friends.

And if you’re interested in volunteering at the Book Sale, please
contact Joanne Stevenson at jmzst25 (at) gmail (dot) com. She will be
looking for help both Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th.
Thank you!

Take a break at the Puzzle Table!

IMG_4961 - Copy
Looking to unwind in between study sessions or find a new get together spot for your and your friends? Stop by the magazine room on the second floor and spend a few minutes (or longer) at the APL Friends puzzle table!

Friends Members Keith and Jackie Kawate have donated the puzzles, and the whole library community is invited to participate. The 1000-piece puzzle of Boston pictured here was completed in just two weeks by library patrons! So stop by, relax, and see what we’re putting together this week. You could be the one to find the final piece to the puzzle!!

Friends’ Annual Meeting with author Ted Reinstein!


Our 2014 Annual Meeting will be held on
Wednesday, June 4th from 7pm-9pm,
featuring a presentation by journalist and
author Ted Reinstein. Mr. Reinstein is an
award-winning reporter for WCVB Boston’s
“Chronicle,” the nation’s longest-running
nightly TV news magazine. He will be
presenting stories and photos featured in his
first book, “New England Notebook: One
Reporter, Six States, Uncommon Stories,”
highlighting, as Ted puts it, “the best of the
best – my all-time most favorite people and places in New
England.” Following the talk, Mr. Reinstein will take questions
from the audience. At the conclusion of the Q&A session books
will be on sale, and he will be happy to personally sign copies. To
join us for this free event, call the library at 508-222-0157 or register online

Providence Children’s Museum

The Friends of Attleboro Public Library are pleased to announce that they have funded a pass to the Providence Children’s Museum!  

Click here to reserve a pass to this or another museum / attraction offered by the library
or call the library at 508-222-0157 for details and assistance.

Every year, the Friends of Attleboro Public Library sponsors a number of passes to local museums and attractions that can be reserved by adult library cardholders.

There is no cost in reserving a pass, which provides patrons discount admission to a variety of locations including parks, museums, the PawSox and historic sites.

Prov Children's Museum PawSox

Finding the Book Nook and Buying Books There

The familiar view of the main floor of the APL: the circulation desk on the left; books on reserve - turn left just beyond the circulation desk, and they’re shelved in the hallway under the stairs.

But when I stand near the circulation desk and look to the right, I see the new Book Nook Banner, where the new non-fiction used to go.

There are lots of seasonal books here, in good condition, the children’s books on the lowest shelves.

Ah, these are for sale – color coded too, only $1, $2 or $3 a book.

Just drop your cash into the safe in the slot where the arrow points.

And the book is yours.  It’s the Honor System.

I wonder if this one will be a stocking stuffer for a sibling.  No one ever gets too old for Dr. Seuss.

Was there just One Best Thing about the International Coffee & Tea Celebration?

I sent my family ahead as scouts Saturday morning – which was their favorite part of the International Tea and Coffee Celebration?  My husband and Older Son liked the flavor of the  Syrian coffee best, but my Younger Son loved watching Maria make Japanese tea in her Grandfather’s tea pot.

Mrs. Pilkington-Smyth and Mrs. Rhilinger were sipping their drinks by the atrium when I arrived, pleased with the turnout.


I wandered about looking at the displays and pretty cups.  I met Emily cheerfully serving black tea in a marble corner.  Mrs. Beckwith was standing nearby.  I asked her what her favorite thing about the morning was, and she indicated Emily.  “I worked with her mother on the board.”  It sure is beautiful to see traditions of volunteering passing down a family.

Remembering my son’s delight in the Japanese tea, I moved over to Maria’s table next.

The black pot is cast iron, and very heavy indeed.

I loved the leaf motif on the top of the brown pot handle.

You froth the tea with back and forth strokes, not circular ones.

Maria hadn’t had a chance to try the other drinks, so she didn’t have a favorite of the other beverages.

What a delight to see Ms. Hernandez again. Excellent Puerto Rican coffee, of course.1479288_660609290656780_832985311_n

I didn’t get to all the other tables.


But I did get to say hi to Lucrecia.  Her favorite thing was that everyone saw how many ways there are to enjoy coffee. It’s not just coffee we can try other ways from other places.

The event was closing, but I caught Therese before she put away her Syrian coffee, and my family was right about how delicious it would be.  Her favorite thing about the morning was practicing her English.

And my favorite thing?  Hearing happy people enjoy each other and their traditions in the library.